Bring Photos and Videos to Life with Object Recognition

Bring Photos and Videos to Life with Object Recognition


You have surely heard the saying that a picture is worth 1000 words. Isn't it really so?

A photograph tells us who is in it, that it was taken on a beautiful lakeside, the flowers on the table, or that one of the people are wearing a red tie. If we were to put all the details into words, it would probably fill pages.

A video tells us much more. Time and sound dimensions are also involved. The amount of information contained increases many times more.

GEODI is an application that puts photos and videos into words. It recognizes people with FacePro, and objects with ImagePro. It extracts texts with OCR and location on the map with location information. In other words, it labels photos and videos. In the full sense, static information comes to life and becomes questionable.

The archives of institutions and organizations are full of hundreds of thousands of photographs and videos waiting to be processed in this way. In some cases, organizations use manual methods to do what GEODI does. It is a very time-consuming, error-prone, and costly process. GEODI makes this work fully automated.

It's not just about archives. You want to document your city, factory, or holiday village. Many details such as how many trees there are, the environmental situation, security issues, the condition of the devices, the condition of the roads, and how many traffic lights or traffic signs are hidden in videos and photos. With GEODI, this information is revealed and thousands of hours of manual work are automated. Automatic also means sustainability.

For whatever purpose, photos and videos are the easiest way to collect data today. In the event of a disaster, you may not have time to write, but it may be possible to take a few photographs. A security guard may walk around every day and take notes, but he may miss that the lock is broken, but a photograph is certain. We can increase similar examples.

Collecting photos and videos is easy, but processing them requires additional time. Here, GEODI saves you that time.

Let us give you a presentation with all the details. Let us tell you how we solve your photo and video archive or documentation needs.

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