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AI and NLP based
Semantic Search, GIS and
Discovery Platform

GEODI Platform

The GEODI has powerful unstructured data processing, semantic search, discovery and patented GIS functions based on AI and NLP. All of our solutions are built on top of the GEODI platform.


200+ Data Adapters allows to connect as many as data source&web services. Fast indexing engine quickly consumes text and non-text data. Engine has OCR to process scanned data as well.


Recognizers discover! There are many types: Dictionaries, Regex Recognizers, ML Recognizers, Face Recognizer, Object Recognizers or custom ones.  

Recognizers give insight about the data.  

Spatial Features

GEODI Search engine has Patented Spatial Query capabilities. GEODIengine has almost all query capabilities of a GIS software, with one important difference: GEODI works on unstructured data. GEODI injects location awareness into any dataset.

Semantic Queries

Semantic queries are the key to more relevant search results. Semantics help you find content otherwise impossible to find with keywords.

Semantic Search applies to dates, money, units, topics,  or custom types.  


GEODI is an insight engine modüle and has many analysis gadgets such as: Network Graph, Treemap, Heat Maps, Calendar, Proximity, Trend Analysis, Briefing and more.  


GEODI Platform has built-in features to notify other users this is done with the help of alarms, automatic actions and more.  


DECE and our partners has many modules that works on top of GEODI. There is a store which is also a application built by GEODI.


GEODI has well documented API. The API allows a 3rd party app to consume GEODI services or develop new features.

Use Cases

GEODI has multiple use cases with it’s various modules and many applications are built on top of it.

Use Cases | DECE Software


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