Simit Sarayı Safeguarding Sensitive and Critical Data with GEODI

Simit Sarayı Safeguarding Sensitive and Critical Data with GEODI


❝ The success of our projects is a result of the care we show for our customers' data security concerns. Our work in critical areas such as GDPR and PCI/DSS are not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also enables us to serve our customers with secure services. Thus, we aim to create the top customer satisfaction.❞

-Kadir Tophan /Information Technologies, Director

Simit Sarayı secures its sensitive data using GEODI Data Discovery, Classification, and Masking solutions. Simit Sarayı, one of Turkey's largest food and beverage chains, provides taste to approximately 1 million customers worldwide every day. With their extensive operations, they naturally generate vast amounts of data, which continue to grow daily. To identify critical information within this expanding data structure, classify it, and manage it effectively, they employ GEODI's discovery, classification, and masking solutions.


In today's data landscape, corporate data is generated daily across multiple sources and resides in various locations. Data is generated on PCs, Shared Folders, Databases, and many other different sources. There are several challenges to accurately discover sensitive data: numerous storage environments, various file types,  as well as the accuracy, speed, and capacity of discovery on unstructured data are critical issues. Processing and classifying the data constantly generated by white-collar workers pose an additional challenge. Responsibility for the environments that require action within the dispersed data structure lies with the relevant information security departments, necessitating their involvement in the process.


Simit Sarayı's information security teams initiated data discovery and analysis processes with GEODI to accurately discover these dispersed data and enable the creation of security policies through accurate analysis. GEODI consolidated all different data sources, detecting sensitive and personal data in both structured and unstructured data environments through semantic discovery. In addition to discovery, it was necessary for users to classify the data on their PCs and shared folders. Users began classifying documents and emails on their company computers using GEODI Classifier. GEODI's flexible classification levels and policy-setting abilities facilitated users' quick adaptation to classification plugins and effective usage. In addition to the discovered environments, sharing newly created data externally in a masked manner was targeted, and accordingly, GEODI discovery and masking solutions were activated within the organization.

Benefits & Outputs

With GEODI, an average of 1,000 files and emails are automatically classified daily by users. Approximately 6 million documents were discovered, and around 250,000 document containing personal data and 70,000 document containing restricted data were detected through the discovery of shared folder and PCs of the enterprise. Simit Sarayı's information security teams took remediation and security actions such as delete, quarantine, automatic classification, and masking regarding to protect their files and get rid off unnecessary sensitive information within their repositories. The team continuously monitor their data with incremental scans. They can also perform semantic searches using GEODI's search capabilities when they need to search for sensitive or important data. For secure sharing and protection of data, interfaces were opened to approximately 12 internal departments, including Finance, HR, Operations, Purchasing, etc., within GEODI interface  authorizations and permissions, allowing users to mask and securely share Office and PDF documents containing discovered GDPR, PCI/DSS, and organization-specific critical data with third parties or external organizations. While all data in the dispersed structure became controllable, newly created data are continuously classified or masked as needed for protection.


With GEODI's combined Natural Language Processing-based Semantic Discovery, Classification, and Masking capabilities, the information security and data protection needs of an organization with complex and large data structures have been fully addressed. Problems such as users struggling with complex actions and configurations were eliminated with GEODI's easy configuration and compatibility, and end-users quickly adopted data security and privacy culture. Competent solution partners supported the correct positioning and use of solutions from start to finish throughout the process. Simit Sarayı continues to ensure compliance with GDPR, PCI/DSS, and Information Security standards while properly protecting its data.

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