Low Code Approach

Low Code is the freedom to develop the software w/o writing code. GEODI and MOBIDI are low-code platforms and meet your changing needs to save your investment.

Low Code Approach

Why Low Code?

As digital technologies spread, more software engineers and programmers are needed. But the schools are insufficient to meet the demand. So in the future low code will be and indispensable tool. The future has already come and, GEODI and MOBIDI are ready for it.

Who Needs Low Code

At first, Enterprises and Companies utilize the low-code.

Let's say you have a field team and they use a mobile application. A new operation or processes needed and the application should be changed accordingly. How would you solve this case? With our MOBIDI solution, you create the application with forms, dashboards and distribute it to mobile users w/o writing any code. Just basic computer knowledge and domain knowledge will be sufficent. Low code saves you time and money.

Software Companies and Low Code

Low Code is also an important for Software Companies in today's competitive environment.

Minimizing Idea to Product cycle and Low Maintenance costs are crucial for profitability. For this reason, we license GEODI and MOBIDI as engine. These tested and working engines gives you time, quality and features. Like data discovery, face recognition, search, and GIS for your software.

How Much way to go w/o Writing Code?

GEODI and MOBIDI gives you a lot of space but they do not limit your development. In many situations fairly simple HTML / JavaScript will be fine. If you want more plase visit our API documentation site: http://developers.decesoftware.com/


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