Boost Your Favorite CRM with Enterprise Search

Boost Your Favorite CRM with Enterprise Search


Many of us observe that a typical office worker spends almost half of his/her time searching for a document.  Because the information is spread in many solutions and searches all takes time. We are having the same problem at DECE Software.

The solution is to search and access all data sources from a single point. Whatever you are looking for, the software will search CRM, emails, and files and merge the results into a single list.

It will tell you how much data you have in each source. At the same time, it will present this data to you on the map whenever you want.

Yes, we are talking about GEODI Enterprise Search. We have been using ZOHO CRM for a long time in DECE Software. CRM; makes it easy for us to track daily activities, deals, and offers. Besides being a good application, unfortunately, it cannot cover the daily data or all of the digital data we produce.

Emails are another important source of ours. It has an important place in communication with our partners or users. It's like that for the whole world. For this reason, the GEODI Enterprise Search project in DECE includes the joint emails used by the sales team and ZOHO CRM.

Accessing Data From a Single Point

GEODI automatically scans the offers in the e-mail attachments. Because GEODI makes not only the mail body but also the attachments searchable.

Only shared files, Jira, and Confluence remained out of scope but GEODI has the ability to connect and scan all these resources as well.

The system is very comfortable for the user. You can search any data in GEODI from a mobile or desktop browser at any time. When you want to open the found content, GEODI opens the CRM content on the CRM and the e-mail content on the relevant e-mail server. In summary, you have narrowed down your search and maybe you are looking for your data on the map, when you want to access the content, GEODI moves you to the main source of the data and you can continue your process quickly.

In such cases, accessing data from a single point provides great comfort. Because different software used by different teams come together. Of course, the authorization factor is an important issue and GEODI acts in accordance with the authorizations at every stage.

GEODI Map capabilities are also very useful. Your maps are created using only the data you enter. For example; you can effortlessly map your customers, offers, or activities.

GEODI has over 200 adapters. It is also very easy to create new ones thanks to its low-code capabilities. We support ZOHO and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Salesforce CRM connector is on the way.

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