Success Story: Beykoz Kundura

Success Story: Beykoz Kundura


Today, keeping our valuable content in one place and providing easy access has become a problem. Technology, which has permeated every aspect of our lives, also helps us in this regard.

With GAMOS; one of the solutions we offer, we enable you to create a sustainable system by transferring your valuable content to the digital environment. Beykoz Kundura carries out its archive and inventory management with GAMOS by transferring its contents to digital media.

Beykoz Kundura, who has an important role in transferring the cultural heritage to future generations, describes GAMOS with these words:

“GAMOS meets the inventory and archive management system needs of our institution. It is a useful product that responds to many scenarios regarding archive and inventory, is easy to use in-house, researcher-friendly, does not confuse the interface and serves its purpose.

I can say that those of us who are involved in the transfer of cultural heritage easily achieve this in the digital environment, and thus, access to the archive will increase.

We would like to thank DECE Software for always providing one-on-one support during the purchasing and installation phases, as well as product training.”

As in the example of Beykoz Kundura, you can move your valuable content to the digital environment so that it can adapt to different content types, be sustainable and more accessible.

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