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Use Cases

Protect your investment with modular software that grows by your needs. GEODI and MOBIDI always meet your requirements with low-code and modular architecture.

Access Your Digital Data From A Single Point

GEODI connects all the data sources you can access inside and outside of your organization. It works with more than 200 different data formats and makes them reachable from a single point. Data types such as ...

GDPR and Sensitive Data Discovery

GEODI accesses and discovers your Digital Data from a Single Point. In this way, it also helps you protect information by discovering sensitive and personal data in your documents ...

Enterprise Archive & Zoning Archive

All organizations need an archive. There are also geographical documents in the archives of some organizations like municipalities. GEODI solves all these needs with a single method ...

Virtual Museum, City Archive, Visual Archive

If you want to present the experience and records of many years in a virtual environment, GEODI GAMOS will offer the solution you are looking for. With GAMOS, you will easily publish and share your pictures ...

Facility Management

The documentation, maintenance, and security of your facility is provided to you with a single solution. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the solution is semantic enough to do the work by itself, also it is ready to use ...

Engineering and Architecture Offices

We provide solutions for storage, data access, and interoperability issues that are occurred due to the large volume of drawings, their versions, and copies.

Many needs such as sharing projects ...

Field Team Management

Maintenance, Repair, or Inspection, whatever you need, MOBIDI is the solution for you. It is possible to adapt flexible forms, reports and information panel capabilities according to your needs ...

Citizen Portal

Today’s municipalities or product manufacturers have to listen to the audience they serve carefully and react quickly.

GEODI MediaMon is designed to create this system ...

GIS Integrations

GEODI Platform contains Geographic Capabilities in its DNA. It fills one of the biggest gaps in traditional GIS Softwares by automatically converting over 200 different types of non-structured data into geographic data ...