Enterprise Search: The Biggest Step in Digital Transformation

Enterprise Search: The Biggest Step in Digital Transformation


We want to Go Digital. Because digital organizations are more agile, decide faster and see the risks earlier.

The Enterprise Search (ES) will be the biggest step in Digital Transformation. Enterprise Search enables an organization directly utilize existing structured and unstructured data. Using unstructured data is a good start because 90%+ today's data is unstructured. That means you start using the software in hours.

Mails, reports, invoices, CVs, social media, CAD files, photographs, and more are all unstructured data.  Organizations spend their valuable resources to transform these into tabular data. ES saves you from most of the burden of transforming data.  

Another advantage of ES is the consolidated search. Users will be able to search files, CRM, Social Media, e-mails, and Databases(No matter how many) at the same time.  ES connects data as well as people. Everyone decides faster, newcomers adapt faster, organizational memory becomes stronger.

Data is an important asset and must be protected. Since ES covers all your data assets. By itself, it is the most important step in protecting. If you need to comply with a regulation or want to get more insight into your data assets, we have data discovery, data classification, data masking, and DLP integration on top of ES.

GEODI Enterprise Search will make an organization breathe.

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