Compliance With Regulations Goes Through Discovery: PCI/DSS

Compliance With Regulations Goes Through Discovery: PCI/DSS


Our newsletter is about PCI/DSS compliance. All institutions that store credit card information must ensure PCI/DSS compliance.The regulation has many conditions, we will look at the data discovery and subsequent actions.

In addition to credit card information for PCI/DSS, we also discover information such as PIN and CVV and whether they are encrypted.

The process is pretty easy. You choose the PCI/DSS template in GEODI's user-friendly interfaces.You define as many Fileservers, and Databases as you want and leave the job to GEODI. The high-speed indexing engine consumes data at an average of 1TB+/day.

You get the results with Panel or Reports. Sources containing/not containing credit card data and unencrypted PIN or CVV, and the number of content in these sources are reported.

It's your turn in action. You can implement the Destruction, Quarantine or Encryption options as you wish.

PCI/DSS regulation imposes restrictions on the processing of card information. For this reason, the discovered card information is not publicly disclosed to anyone, including system administrators. Issue and source information is provided, but access to findings is denied.

Compatibility is not something that can be checked once. You have installed the system, the discovery will run automatically from now on. New content will be discovered and if you wish, you will be notified of incompatibility situations.

DECE Software offers a PCI/DSS solution that you would prefer with its modern software architecture, user-friendly interfaces, licensing model that does not limit the number of resources or data size, and valuable users.

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