Green Crescent Protects Sensitive Data with GEODI and Symantec DLP Solutions.

Green Crescent Protects Sensitive Data with GEODI and Symantec DLP Solutions.


❝ We discovered and classified our scattered data with GEODI, and then ensured it does not leave the organization using Symantec DLP. The integration of these two software solutions has been very beneficial for us. We successfully concluded this challenging process within the framework of compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

I would like to thank all our employees and stakeholders who contributed to this major project.❞

- Ismail Emre Helvaci / IT Department Manager

Green Crescent (Yeşilay), a non-governmental organization that prioritizes human dignity and integrity, works to protect society and youth from harmful habits such as tobacco (smoking), alcohol, drugs, technology, gambling, etc., regardless of distinction, while adhering to national and moral values and using scientific methods. It conducts preventive and rehabilitative public health and advocacy activities. Green Crescent decided to protect their sensitive data with GEODI Data Discovery, Classification, and Symantec DLP Solutions.


Like many organizations, Green Crescent has a fragmented structure and both structured and ustructured data. Data is scattered across PCs, Shared Folders, Databases, and many other sources. There are several challenges to discovering data correctly. These include numerous repositories, various file types, and the accuracy of discovery in unstructured data. Additionally, processing and classifying the data continuously generated by approximately 1.000 white-collar employees pose an additional challenge.


Green Crescent's information security teams initiated data discovery and analysis processes with GEODI to accurately discover these fragmented data and create security policies with correct analyses. GEODI consolidated all different data sources and detected sensitive and personal data in both structured and unstructured data environments through semantic discovery. Additionally, during the discovery process, it was necessary for data owners to classify the data on end-user computers and shared folders. Approximately 1.000 users started classifying their documents and emails with GEODI Classifier on company computers. GEODI Classification results guided Symantec Network and Endpoint Protection actions. Symantec was able to protect files designated by users for privacy much more effectively and easily. GEODI's flexible classification level and policy setting capabilities enabled users to quickly adapt to classification plugins and ensure effective use.

Benefits & Outcomes

On average, 3.000 files and emails are classified by users daily with GEODI. Approximately 65 million contents were discovered, and documents containing nearly 1 million personal data were identified. Green Crescent's information security teams can take various security actions related to this data as needed and continuously monitor their data with scheduled scans. They can also perform semantic searches with GEODI's search capabilities when they want to search for sensitive or critical data. In this continuously analyzed and classified data environment, Symantec uses its strong network and endpoint security capabilities to track the events, report, and monitor the movements of these classified data, and also takes various blocking and monitoring actions according to the applied and determined policies.


This project, the first joint work of Symantec and GEODI, has fully met the end to end information security and data protection needs of an organization with a complex and large data structure. Problems such as users struggling with complex actions and configurations were eliminated with Symantec and GEODI's easy configuration and compatibility. End-users quickly gained a culture of data security and privacy. Throughout the process, the competent partners of both vendors supported them in positioning and using the solutions from start to finish. Green Crescent ensures compliance with GDPR and Data Security while continuously protecting its data.

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