Protection Starts with Discovery

Protection Starts with Discovery


You cannot protect something that you don’t know. That is why data protection must start with discovery.

GEODI discovery starts with defining the data lake. GEODI discovers all PII, IBAN, SSN, Money amounts, content type (CV, Contract, tender document, invoice...), and more in the lake.

GEODI discovers data that is in the wrong place. For example, a document containing PII that is accessible by all employees. Or contracts that are visible to departments other than sales or management. After discovery, GEODI generates the scripts necessary to move or delete the content.  

Discovers duplicate and similar content. Data conflicts are reduced, Storage is reduced. Data that needs to be protected is reduced.

Data protection must be continuous, So GEODI continuously discovers incoming data. It notifies you when a situation that does not comply with your rules happens. It helps you pinpoint leaks and helps reduce risks w/o getting worse. And, monitoring is not just for protection. It is also a great time-saving feature for your business processes.

Logs are important. All accesses and downloads are recorded and reported.

Successful Automatic Classification is an essential component of data protection. Automatic semantic classification reduces leakage risks, reduces employee complaints, and increases regulatory compliances.

Insight or Analysis is also an important way to understand data. GEODI tells you a lot about data, either for protection or decision-making processes. It saves you reading hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages.

In summary, you will sleep more comfortably with GEODI.

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