Audio Guide and Interactive Search with GEODI-QR

Audio Guide and Interactive Search with GEODI-QR


GEODI already has a mobile app that has search, display, and annotation features. Now we present an alternative mobile application that requires only a QRCode to do that.  

The application is useful for museum visitors or field workers on a facility, construction site, or production plant.

A museum visitor uses his/her phone to listen and access details about an artifact. You do not need an Audio Guide System and reach much more information, and it’s also a more hygienic solution. A GAMOS or GEODI easily generates QRCodes labels, and you need to stick those to places.  

The app is an Audio Guide but also works w/o audio recording. You may prepare an audio recording later. This is a convenient way for content creators.

GEODI is a great content manager that content creators love. Because GEODI does differentiate between format, structure, and storage. Photos, Videos, Audio, Web pages, or PDFs are all accepted.

This application is also useful in facilities or plants. Accessing technical documents, complaints, or the latest e-mails about a place just with a QRCode will speed processes and reduce errors. GEODI's smart features let you use existing data. This is a big plus because you may start tomorrow.  

You can freely download the GEOQR app from AppStore and Google Play. GEOQR will work for all GAMOS and GEODI servers.  Please ask our technical teams how to generate QRCode labels.

A note for developers: GEODI-QR is developed with flutter and GEODI API. You can also develop customized mobile applications using GEODI API and services.

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