Low-code for Mobile Teams

Low-code for Mobile Teams


Low-code allows you to solve without coding. Any person with basic computer knowledge can design a form, report, or business process.

Low-code allows you to meet needs faster. It enables you to adapt to changing conditions quickly. It significantly reduces development costs and system administration. Low-code ensures that applications are always above a certain quality level. You do not have to wait for failures with low-code.

MOBIDI is one such platform and targets mobile teams and workflow management. You may design forms and other things for inspection, Service, Security, Delivery, Survey, and more in one platform. The same platform meets the requirements of many users.   MOBIDI is a solid, tested, and ready-to-go platform that you may start using in minutes.

MOBIDI has flexible licensing models that you may purchase, rent or use in a cloud(SaaS).  

An essential part of MOBIDI is DECE-STORE. DECE-STORE has free-to-use forms, reports, and rules for different needs and sectors. Just start with STORE and modify as you go. MOBIDI's advanced and easy-to-use form design features allow you to automate VAT, discount, or total type of calculations, define complex or straightforward form relations, define spatial relations, or use smart assignments to easy team management.

MOBIDI has a single mobile application available in Google Play, Huawei AppGalery, or AppStore. If you have a license, the designed forms and rules become immediately available, and you start collecting data.

The collected data becomes available on the panels as graphs, maps, workloads, finished or unfinished works, scheduled jobs, and more. Here, you may create new panels with low-code.

Panels allow you to monitor what is going on in the field and intervene. You can send a job or a message to any user or group.

MOBIDI is suitable for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) method. In this way, you cut costs, and users do not need to carry an additional device.

Notification is another essential feature of MOBIDI. You can define rules with low-code such as "send means SMS to me/or a group when an emergency occurs."

MOBIDI integrates databases, web services, and Zapier. Zapier is an integration platform that connects thousands of different applications.

MOBIDI combines dozens of different applications in a single solution. You save software development costs, need less training, and adapt to changing conditions faster with low-code features of the MOBIDI.

We wish you happy days with MOBIDI.

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