GEODI Panels

GEODI Panels


GEODI is a big data platform. In this way, it indexes tens of millions of pages of data and enables organizations to search, discover and give insight into the data.

GEODI network graph tool shows the connection/relations. The calendar shows your data along a timeline. The map tool creates a map of data. Data discovery tools understand the emotions and topics of social media posts. Or you may just want to check GDPR or PCI/DSS compliance. GEODI discovers money phrases enables semantic queries on money. GEODI provides limitless choices.

With panels, all these analitical features may be used on the same page. These pages are dynamics, that is responds to your query. On one side can be the map, next to it the topics of social media messages, and on one bottom line can be the flow of content by time. This allows users to focus directly on the results instead. Creating a panel is very easy and as long as allowed any user may create his/her own panel.

Panels may be surprising for the users that the count of discovered entities may be huge (credit card numbers, locations, dates and more). Panels along with analytical features present data in a comprehensible way. Knowledge becomes power.

Discovery may result in some actions. Such as Destruction or Quarantine of some content. Panels show the risks, reports generates the necessary scripts.

Panels may be designed by department or by role. Users focus on their own work. Only necessary and frequently used data remains on the front line.

You can share a panel with your administrators as a PDF file. This makes the reporter's and manager's life easier.

With the panels, GEODI becomes more enjoyable to use. We hope to see you among us.

Best regards.

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