BELGENET is much better with GEODI

BELGENET is much better with GEODI


BELGENET is a powerful DMS solution developed by Türksat and widely used by government offices in Turkiye. Now, we have developed a new data adapter to add semantic search, discovery and GIS connection features to the BELGENET.

Since DMS solutions are one of the essential sources of daily data, it is important that a DMS have a connection with GEODI. GEODI  connection reduces manual works and lowers the legal risks.  

GEODI has hundreds of ready-to-use recognizers, panels and reports for GDPR, KVKK, HIPAA or any other sensitive data discovery, consolited search or GIS. With the new adapter these features will also be usable for BELGENET documents.

GIS connection is a very unique and powerful use case which no other discovery and/or search solution address. As the organization rely on GIS more and more, GEODI brings a fresh and sustainable solution to the problem. GEODI will discover and location information and connects to the GIS, and when you click on the map, will show related documents as well.

The solution is not limited to BELGENET documents but also covers whle data lake of your organization. GEODI has 200+ adaptors to connect, search and discover everything into one point,

A DMS is much better with GEODI.

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