GEODI Finds Out Similar Or Duplicate Documents

GEODI Finds Out Similar Or Duplicate Documents


Let’s start with “Finding Similarities” feature. According to a research, half of the document space of every corporation consists of duplicate or almost the same documents.

We now automatically find similarities between documents and duplicates in order to ease your troubles or even prevent a potential disarray. You write something, for example, a report and save it as

  • Somebody else changes its name to
  • You send it to your friend via e-mail, he/she makes slight changes on it and saves it as
  • We assume this scenario to be quite familiar.

Here is our question worth 10 points: How many versions of this report are there? Which one is the latest?  

Now GEODI can answer these questions. When you make a search via GEODI and find the document you’re looking for, it immediately informs you about duplicates and similar documents. You can also open similar ones or compare them using Microsoft Word, if you wish to do so. 

Similarities are not limited to Word documents. If your report is saved as It also applies to NCZ plan or DWG architectural plan.

When you make a revision on the plan and generate a similar document or convert the plan to DWG and generate yet another similar document, GEODI finds them out too.

Our aim with GEODI is to extract and make it easier to access information. We are one step closer to that goal by preventing similar documents to annoy you. 

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