Boost Your GIS with Unstructured Data

Boost Your GIS with Unstructured Data


The claim is “80% of data is about location”; no one knows the origin, but it is surprisingly accurate.

Data and Location definition may be a very narrow area for a GIS software. But in actual life, Data and Location may happen in very diverse ways.

What is a location? A Location is a place name, a country name, a street name, a construction site, a land parcel id, a company headquarters, a lat-lon value, an MGRS value, a road segment, or a photograph.

What is Data? Data occur in diverse forms. A CRM record, an E-mail, an invoice, a report, a complaint, a proposal, a lawsuit, or a social media message are just a few examples of the data we have to deal with daily. These are also called unstructured data; it is estimated that more than 90% of the data produced is unstructured.

While the data is mainly unstructured, you must convert it to structured form using a custom tool or manually because a GIS system is unhappy with unstructured data.

Here we present an alternative and sustainable solution based on the GEODI Platform. No conversion, no manual data entry, no hassle.

The solution is simple to install and automatic because of AI and NLP. No matter how diverse the content is, GEODI has an adaptor and intelligence to understand the location information.

The solution works alone or with ArcGIS, Open Source or your GIS solution.

Construction or Energy companies, Project offices, Banks, Land Management Authorities, Municipalities, Road authorities, Large facilities, or the Military will benefit significantly from using GEODI.

Watch this short video and experience the GEODI on a working example:

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