Gather Your CAD, GIS Files and Documents Under a Single Archive with GEODI Geo Archive

Gather Your CAD, GIS Files and Documents Under a Single Archive with GEODI Geo Archive

We search "Ankara" with GEODI and find out all documents/contents that include the word Ankara. Then, how can we have access to contents that are related to Ankara but the word “Ankara” itself is not included? 


GEODI has a solution for this issue. Most people consider GEODI as a tool for finding some words in texts when they first see it. That’s true, GEODI processes texts very well, but there is more.

For example, Language Recognizer reads the text and find out whether it is Turkish, English or in another language. Language of the text is not a word in the text itself. The secret is GEODI's analytical skills, which help it reveal hidden values.

For example, it identifies objects, traffic signs or faces from pictures. It finds out which department is related to the complaint that has been addressed to the Municipality.

We also convey the information extraction task to geographical field via Geo Archive module. 


Geo Archive finds the borders of CAD, GIS and Raster files automatically and renders your geographical archive automatically. It doesn’t matter whether there are hundreds or even thousands. You just show the location of your files, it does the rest. GEODI does not convert data or copy.

You see the results on the Map and open the file by clicking a border. If you want, you can open adjacent drawings. It supports a vast number of formats such as DWG, DGN, NCZ, Shape, ECW, TIF, DTED, KML etc. In fact, GEODI can identify more than 200 formats, read its contents and display.

By the way, we’re talking about actual borders, not the rectangular area that involves the drawing.

How are pre-Geo Archive solutions?


In order to comprehend the efficiency of GEODI solution, we should look at different solutions. When we use classic GIS/Mapping software to achieve similar solutions, extremely complex data structures, specialized software’s and plenty of operator time are needed.

Whereas GEODI, using its AI, automatically solves this issue without any
interference from an operator or need of data conversion. And issues that might
take months, or even years, are just a matter of a couple of days.

Is a PDF we have related to Geo Archive?


Of course! Geo Archive not only reads CAD and GIS documents, but it also reads and comprehends everything that includes a location. It identifies Coordinate Values, Section Names, Tables in PDF, Excel or E-mail. It solves the issues of which projections they are in with IA and positions everything on the map. When you make an inquiry, the result also
shows up as a map.

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