What is GEODI Network Graph?

What is GEODI Network Graph?


Another new feature of GEODI is Network View. Seeing the Big Picture in Big Data has been made possible by the Map. Network View reveals another aspect of the Big Picture.

We allow Lawyers, Journalists, Researchers and Executives to save time. Google and many other search engines present the search results as a list where each line corresponds to a web page or a file. This shows you the first 30 files out of, for instance, 1000 files matching your criteria, and you have to skip to the next pages to find what you look for.

Studies show that not many people care about the pages after the first three, i.e. you do not stand a good chance of finding what you are looking for if it is on the 8th page. Is it possible to see the big picture in fragments of 30 lines each?

This is one of the most crucial issues overcome by GEODI. You see all of the 1000 files on the map view! The whole picture. Network View is the second method of GEODI in its effort to show the Big Picture.

While the map shows positional relations, Network View shows all other relations. It allows you to see an unlimited amount of relations imaginable including the ones between individuals and documents, individuals and individuals, individuals and dates, dates and terms.

Same Information, 4 Different View! Each view gives you a different insight!


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