Enterprise Search with GEODI and Beyond

Enterprise Search with GEODI and Beyond


Enterprise Search Applications are tools that make it possible for institutions and companies to search among the data in different sources. The most famous search engine we all know, the Google Search Engine, works on open data on the web. Corporate search, on the other hand, is software which works with data that belongs to an organization and is open to the personnel of that organization only. That means you keep your data safe, and you make the authorizations. GEODI Server includes all features of the enterprise search application and more. Here, we will tell what can be done with ‘Enterprise Search.’

In different sources

Internal data :

  • File servers             
  • Personal computers
  • Databases  
  • Intranet pages
  • Electronic Document Management Systems  
  • Document Archive Systems
  • ERP, CRM, GIS, MIS application databases  
  • Cloud servers (such as Dropbox)
  • E-mail servers

External data :

  • Internet pages
  • Social Media accounts
  • Blogs

GEODI allows for searches in all of these resources, internal or external. 

Advantages of GEODI over other enterprise search engines  

GEODI can display the results it finds on maps or diagrams. The reporting of search results on maps or diagrams rather than in long lists makes for greater convenience and more enjoyable use.  

Map information reveals locational relations among the data, providing a significant improvement over a classic search.  

GEODI carries out an “active search.” That is, before you even make the search, it extracts the numbers within the content, such as ID numbers, names of persons, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, tax numbers, bank accounts, clauses of legislation, part numbers, and similar information.  As a result, you learn about the presence of information before you conduct your search. It can be  of great benefit to know what information is available in advance.

Some information GEODI extracts cannot be found by search engines. Search engines including Google are not interested in the contents of CAD files. GEODI, on the other hand, finds all texts within CAD files (including DWG, DGN, NCZ, and Catia) GEODI also finds e-mails and e-mail attachments, and documents within these attachments, such as ZIP and RAR files.

GEODI detects the language in which documents were written, be it English, Turkish or Chinese. In multilingual documents, it detects the language of each paragraph. GEODI makes it possible to launch searches in all resources, internal or external.

You can search by documents containing/not containing a certain word or a phrase, documents containing/not containing a similar word, images or PDF documents, items created before/ after a certain date or between certain dates, items from a certain source, or several combinations of criteria.  

You can also analyze search words. In this way, you can streamline your business processes.


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