New Opportunities with GEODI

New Opportunities with GEODI


With the Geo Archive module we are moving information retrieval to geographical areas. Geo Archive automates your geographical archive by automatically determining the borders of your CAD, GIS and Raster files.

You point to where your files are and the rest is solved automatically. GEODI doesn’t convert or copy the information, it doesn’t matter if there are hundreds or thousands.

You view the results on a map and open the file by clicking on a border. You can also open neighbour drawings as well if you wish. With its rich format support for DWG, DGN, NCZ, Shape, postgres, ECW, TIF, DTED, KML etc. GEODI is able to recognize, read and view 200+ formats.

When we say borders we mean actual borders, not just a rectangular area covered in the drawing.

Who has this many CAD/GIS files?

There are thousands of CAD / GIS files in the hands of municipalities, public institutions, construction companies, energy companies, and many other institutions. The easy management of these files, the sharing of them with relevant stakeholders whenever necessary, and revisions have always been a difficult task. GEODI is very practical (totally automatic) and brings an immediate solution.

What Kind of Need is Met with the Geographical Boundary Identifier?

An institution that has a lot of PDFs starts to drown in them after a while. For this reason they invest in eDMS software and are interested in GEODI. Because GEODI makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for and to manage the content on hand.

Similarly, an institution with a large number of CAD documents in its possession start to drown after a while. The primary key to connecting documents with the region of interest! But how will the location link be? If there is no verbal connection, things are difficult.

With GEODI we search for the term “Ankara” and find all the documents/content that include the word Ankara. But how are we going to reach content that is about Ankara but doesn’t include the word Ankara?

GEODI has a solution for this problem.

Some people think that GEODI is a tool that can only find certain words in texts. Yes, GEODI is exceptional at processing texts but there is more. For instance, the language recognizer reads the text and tells you if it is in Turkish, English or Russian, the language of the file, not just a single word.

The secret is GEODI’s analytical talents. Thanks to its analytical talents, it reveals hidden values. For instance it recognizes objects, traffic signs or faces in images. If a complaint has been made to a Municipality it automatically determines which unit it was directed at.

What about Solutions before Geo Archive?

To understand the effectiveness of GEODI solutions, we must examine other solutions. To achieve a similar solution with classic GIS/MAP software complicated databases, specialised software and a lot of operator time is required. While GEODI automatically solves this job with its artificial intelligence without need for any operator intervention or data conversion. This allows jobs that would take months, maybe years to be completed within days.

Are PDF files compatible with Geo Archive?

Of course! Geo Archive doesn’t only recognize CAD and GIS documents, but anything with a location.

It recognizes the Coordinate Values, Section Names and Tables found in PDF or Excel or E-mail. Solving which projection they are found in with artificial intelligence and places them on the map when an inquiry is done the result is also delivered as a map.

GEODI Geo Archive automatically adds a layer to Geographical Information System and solves work in a practical and sustainable way.

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