If you have thousands of documents you have to examine

If you have thousands of documents you have to examine


You have found a new job and you have to have control on existing data. But how and how long? You are a lawyer, prosecutor, judge or an overseer. There are thousands of folders and documents at your table, ready to be read.

You’re a consultant and you’re given some documents for consultation in case of crisis. For how long you’re going to comprehend the details and address the issue? You’re asked for information about a project finished a long time ago. Maybe a company’s name, a CAD drawing or merit report is needed. Documents are there but it’s going to take some time to look at them one by one. Is it going to be easier to find what you’re looking for in dusty archives or hard drives?

There are many documents, maybe a whole hard drive, hundreds of CD’s waiting for you and you’re expected to examine them all and then deduce. But what’s the solution? It is GEODI. If you have thousands of documents to be examined... If this photo looks familiar to you, meet GEODI right now!

What are you going to search through thousands or even millions of documents and where will you start? There will be many questions unanswered regarding to whom, which companies, which contracts, which reports are there and their locations, country, date etc.

Sit back and let GEODI work.

GEODI is a software that reads and evaluates all of your data by using “Inherent Language Process” and “AI” technics. GEODI finds out many information that may do the job beforehand. Therefore, you can access to someone that’s never come to your mind, a bank account number, the person who has produced part numbers you’ve used in a CAD drawing or the drawing itself.

Observing your documents on the map is a unique experience. Relations between person, place, date, location and other information are even more apparent. Documents belong to a location or include kilometer; CAD drawings or claims are automatically revealed. We know the language of every single document too.

English, German, Italian or even Chinese! Thus, you will learn about documents that might need to be translated when you’re new to the job. It reads contents in many formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, E-mails, Photos, Autocad and Netcad files, databases of different software, websites and Twitter accounts. It extracts and presents databases beyond measure like People, TR Identity Numbers, Parcels, Kilometers, Locations, Item Numbers, Bank Account Numbers, Dates, Provinces, Towns, Countries, Credit Card Numbers, Company Names, Schools, Parties, Part Numbers.

GEODI is a software that can operate in your personal computer or server. Your data do not leak out in any way. You can take notes in every content. The notes you take can lead you to any page or a location in CAD file. Data access authorization can be determined on person and content basis.

It only takes a couple of hours for GEODI!

Automatically extracted data provide you huge convenience. In addition, you can search with using any word(s) you want and display the content you’ve found with GEODI. Office documents, CAD documents or data, it doesn’t matter!

One of the important features of GEODI is that it takes notes of contents in the documents. The notes you take are also included in the content and show up in your subsequent searches. 

Have a nice exploration with GEODI.

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