Semantic Social Media Search, Content Analysis and GEODI

Semantic Social Media Search, Content Analysis and GEODI


Social media are interactive technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.

Social media is convenient but the messages have no structure, no control over the language and the same topic can be used - occur in very different ways. They are the factors that make it difficult to process information. But GEODI can offer you a solution with its semantic search capability.

We will give our example through a consumer goods company that receives product complaints and requests on Social Media.

GEODI recognizes the content thanks to its semantic abilities. GEODI can understand the meaning of the message from its content. GEODI can extract meaningful - useful messages. It understand if the messages about a fridge or laundry machine. After it understands the content of the message, it will forward to a related person or department by notification infrastructure.

Your users may be accessing from the internet, emails or call center. GEODI’s semantic search capability work on any type of content.  It allows you to use Web, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and local data sources as a source. Thereby, different data channels combined and your business process get ease.

It is also important to analyze the content as much as understanding the content. GEODI’s panel provides you an insight  regarding how many channels information come from and from which channel information receieved.

GEODI can create a map with the geographic information from the content for munucipalities, energy companies that uses geographic informations. The location of the source can be anything, if the message contain a street name, suburb name or coordinate of the messages are processed in same way.

Sample Project | London-DataStore

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