Permanent Delete and Quarantine of the Data based on Semantic Discovery

Permanent Delete and Quarantine of the Data based on Semantic Discovery


Documents that are "no longer needed" need to be deleted in an ever-growing data set. The way to get rid of duplicates is to delete them from time to time.

We produce plenty of duplicate documents thanks to tools such as Word, Excel, and e-mail. Gartner, which conducts research on technology, estimates this rate as 40%.

Some data may be in the “wrong” places. For example, on PCs or in accessible repositories, there may be personal data, offers or confidential research reports. These documents must be taken to a safe place first. We call this quarantine.

Continuing our newsletter, we will discuss how to carry out the delete and quarantine processes with GEODI.

GEODI offers you a seamless end-to-end solution from analyzing your data lake to data discovery and permanent delete and quarantine. The process is not a one-time job, so sustainability is important.

The process starts with reporting and analyzing your data lake. You define an extensive data source to GEODI, such as files, shared repositories, databases, e-mail correspondence, SharePoint, ERP, SAP, DMS, CRM, Office 365, or personal computers.

GEODI indexes and reports what's in those millions of documents. It helps you to perform a wide range of analysis based on data source and discovered data.

Take the Action Before Risk Grows

We can easily query data that needs to be deleted or quarantined. Thus, all that remains is to create the scripts required for deleting and/or quarantining. GEODI also creates scripts according to the source data and operating system. Now it's up to the IT teams to carry out these operations.

Discovery and indexing are ongoing processes. You monitor both incoming data and the result of remediation operations. You can repeat the process in the period you prefer.

After running the quarantine process once, GEODI can instantly notify you of risky situations. You can easily define the rule "There can be no documents containing personal data in the public sources" and you will be informed as soon as such a situation occurs. So you have taken the action before the risk grows.

What we mentioned are the data discovery and remediation (Delete and Quarantine) processes. GEODI offers you much more with enterprise search and data discovery. Delete and quarantine are just some of the resulting benefits.

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