Use GEODI for Your Archive and Just Relax

Use GEODI for Your Archive and Just Relax


Smart Archive With GEODI

You received the scanning service, the index information of the designated areas were filled out but you still can’t find what you are looking for? Or you do your own job or conducted your own scan but stopped the process because you weren’t pleased with the result. You are neither alone nor without a solution.

With GEODI things are a bit different. GEODI is an ideal for archiving alongside its other abilities. It is completely automatic following the scanning. Yes, you heard right. Does not require OCR, filling out index areas, classification. Scanned documents go in, a fully legible and understandable result is born.


There is no need to define index areas. GEODI provides unlimited index areas. For instance, how would you add the date information in an index area? Which of the dates on the document is going to be used? GEODI solves this issue by extracting all the date information in the content. He also finds out what the date is. This allows the operators to do all the information that they can only enter by reading everything line by line.

GEODI can process millions of pages a day. How many operators can catch up with that?

Parcel Numbers

 Let us give another example for index areas. Parcel numbers for Municipalities and Cadastre can be written in many different ways. In order to extract this information, you must train your operators well. However, there is usually no time for training and the work is conducted as predicted. GEODI can extract the parcel numbers as well. And all writing styles. It even finds them if the block number is one place and the parcel number is another. It even finds “123 blocks 1, 4 and 8 parcels”.

If you were working with a system that uses index fields how many places would you have to put aside for different numbers? 1, 5 or 10 fields? What if you receive a distribution bill with hundreds, maybe thousands of parcels? None of this is an issue for GEODI. You provide the already scanned or digital data and the rest is easy.


You might have dreamt of a map support archive system. Your dreams may have come true with GEODI. Because GEODI draws the parcels it extracts from the files onto the map as well. The Archive and Geographical Information system is concentric. The map isn’t only for parcels but also streets, neighborhoods, parks, boulevards and other geographical information.


A case file has reached the archive about a parcel. When will you be notified? Software such as eBYS is for such things but because guidance and other subjects are manual it is hard to maintain. GEODI does the monitoring for you. It can meet requests such as “Notify me when a file with a parcel number arrives” or “Notify me when I get a file from UYAP”.   

GEODI can manage content other than the archive. You already know the other features.

Don’t get lost in the archive, use and enjoy GEODI.


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