Discovering with GEODI

Discovering with GEODI


There are thousands of documents you need to examine...

You have just started a new job: You need to master the current data. But how much of it? And how much time do you have? Are you a lawyer, prosecutor, judge, or inspector? Are there thousands of folders and documents on your desk, waiting to be read? Are you a consultant and have you be given documents so that you can be consulted in case of an emergency?

How long will it take you to grasp the details and address the problem? You are asked for information about a project completed long ago; a company name, a CAD drawing or an allowance report. The documents are there, but it takes time to check them out one by one. Will it be easy to find what you are looking for in dusty archives or on hard disks? 

What will you search for and where do you even begin among thousands, even millions of documents? There will be so many questions to answer: who or which companies are concerned? What contracts and reports exist? What about their locations, authors and dates?

There are many documents maybe a complete hard disk and hundreds of CDs  in front of you, and you are expected to examine them and draw conclusions from them in a short space of time.

The solution you are looking for is GEODI.

Sit back and let GEODI do the work.

GEODI is a software program that reads and evaluates all the data you have using “Natural Language Processing” and “Artificial Intelligence” techniques. 

GEODI finds in advance a great deal of information that may be of use to you. It will be easy for you to find a person or reach a bank account that you could have never found otherwise, or to locate the part numbers you used for a CAD drawing and the person who drew it.

Seeing your own documents on a map is a very different experience. The connections among items of information such as persons, places, dates, locations etc. are seen more clearly.

Documents about a place, and CAD drawings and progress payments, are identified automatically. 

GEODI also knows which document was written in which language: English, German, Italian or Chinese! Therefore, you will find out about the documents which you ,

GEODI organises it all—rapidly.

And afterwards

Automatically retrieving data is a great convenience for you. Additionally, you can carry out  searches with any words you wish, and display the content found with GEODI. It does not matter whether the documents you wish to search are Office documents, CAD documents or databases!  

Being able to annotate the content is another important feature of GEODI. The notes you take are included in the content, and will show up in your subsequent searches.

Happy discoveries with GEODI!


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