Municipalities & SPA

Smart Municipalities are the ones most use of GEODI and MOBIDI. They need and use all of our Smart City solutions. The low-code nature of the products also makes it possible to adapt them to the specific needs of each municipality. The powerful integration options of GEODI and MOBIDI make it possible for these products to work with systems such as CRM, MIS, GIS installed in municipalities.

  • Ankara Metropolitan Municipality
  • Çiğli Municipality
  • Ordu Metropolitan Municipality
  • Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality
  • Aksaray Municipality
  • Sincan Municipality
  • Kartal Municipality
  • Karabağlar Municipality
  • Bodrum Municipality
  • Artvin Special Provincial Administration
  • Mersin Water and Sewerage Administration
  • Melikgazi Municipality
  • Mersin Metropolitan Municipality
  • Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality
  • Artvin Municipality
  • Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality

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