Face Recognition with GEODI

Face Recognition with GEODI


Face Recognition is usually understood as Biometric technology for authentication purposes. Here, We will talk about different applications and the benefits of face recognition.

You can utilize our face recognition technology, FacePro, in a Cultural Portal or for Intelligence purposes. The FacePro discovers the People in photos and videos, 2 or more people in the same video frame, or connections between videos and web pages about a person.

FacePro is a self-learning software. It recognizes the same person in different videos and photos w/o any prior knowledge. FacePro discovers and you just name the person. The image below is from FacePro. The content is about celebrities. As you see in the image, the FacePro discovered the many faces of Stallone. Stallone in the Oscar ceremony, the beaten face of Rocky Bilbao, and Rambo with long hair are all recognized as Stallone.

We used celebrities but FacePro also finds people in your media archive. Be ready for surprises!.

From “3011-EN-Image Recognition” project

Organizations like shopping malls or hotels have video recordings for security purposes. But the GDPR regulations make them liable to respond to the subject’s right request. This is easy with FacePro, AS FacePro is able to search a person with a photograph among millions of hours of videos. Facepro may also catch "suspicious" situations or a fugitive person in images from multiple cameras.

Museums, Newspapers, Intelligence Units, Football Clubs or Researchers will certainly benefit from FacePro.

You can see FacePro at work in the following GEODI project.

Sample Project : Image Recognition

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