DECE is now and ESRI partner

DECE is now and ESRI partner


GEODI has many features that make enterprise GIS users' work easy. With the new partnership, ArcGIS users will access those features much easier. We would like to thank the authorities of ESRI Turkey and ESRI Dubai for their support in this process.

Our first product is a GEODI add-in for ArcGIS Pro. With this add-in, ArcGIS Pro users will be able to access an archive created with GEODI or use GEODI's consolidated search capabilities via ArcGIS.

GeoAI is built into GEODI. With the add-in ArcGIS users will see traffic signs or other objects automatically extracted from the videos. And directly open the video frame when they click a sign.

We like to continue extending our product line. Our goal is to deliver similar abilities on ArcGIS Enterprise soon.

Another output of the partnership is GEODI's ArcGIS REST API compatible services. ArcGIS users can now consume GEODI geojson services in addition to WMS and KML.

Please call us to be informed about the details.

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