Anonimization:Freely Share Data with Test and other Teams

Anonimization:Freely Share Data with Test and other Teams


Today's digital transformation motto encourages us to share information. We dislike any information-sharing obstacles because these limitations slow down business processes.

But here, the difficulty begins. We need to share, but regulations, GDPR, PCI/DSS, or HIPAA keep us sharing. We wonder if it is possible to achieve both at the same time.

Selective Data Anonymization can play an important role in solving this dilemma. For example, You may analyze Databases and share them with software developers or data science teams.  This way, developers work on “real” data, and their solution works on real data. Anonymization makes both data protection officers and software developers happy.

Another example;. A contract should be shared among a few departments, such as management, legal, purchase, and perhaps others. Anonymization may also save a life here. Just change names, money, or dates and share.

GEODI Anonymization is a smart solution. It is extremely difficult to extract real data from Anonymized data. There is a random and same-to-same mode. This way, a person with an ID becomes someone else with another ID, but no one knows who was he or she.

A name is a name, though it might be in another language. An SSN is an SSN, an IBAN is still an IBAN. The data always looks real!

  • Names
  • ID numbers
  • Company names
  • Place Names
  • Financial Information
  • Money İnformation

GEODI Anonymization solution helps you share data without increasing the risks. Use it on Word, Excel, PDF, or Libre Office databases. An API is also available.

There are two modes:

  1. Documents and Databases are changed permanently. A copy of these documents may be freely shared.
  2. Documents indexed by GEODI may be dynamically anonymized depending on user permissions. The same document, w/o changing the original,  looks different to different users.

A high-accuracy GEODI Data Discovery solution is key to successful anonymization.


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