GEODI Query Rules

Word Search


There are contents that contain the word Berlin. These contents can be Files, Emails, Web Pages and others. In our Help document, the word content will always include others.

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Search by Multiple Words

Berlin Cathedral

Content containing the words "Berlin" and "Cathedral". Words may not be side by side in the Found Content.

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Search as typed

"Berlin Cathedral"

Contents containing the words Berlin and Cathedral side by side. To achieve this, we used quotation marks.

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Search for Beginners


"Berlin Cathedral*"

Content containing words starting with BERG. as HEIDELBERG. You can use this rule in conjunction with other rules.

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Finished with Those Search



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Search Document Names



Search rules also apply to content names. You should just add "doc:" at the beginning of the rule. Doc: * .PDF can find PDF files. Doc: With EDUCATION * we can find the content whose name starts with education.

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Search Non-Rule



You can reverse your rule by putting "-" at the beginning of any rule. We are looking for documents that do not exceed BERLIN. -doc: *. PDF with non-PDF content you will find.

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Multiple search rules


We can use both rules if you want to find PDF files that contain Berlin included. If you say BERLIN -doc: *. PDF you will search for non-PDF content. Try to combine the rules.

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Search for Unmatched


"Berlin Cathedral~"


With ~ you can search for words similar to the word you are looking for. "Berlon~" and "Berlin" and "Berlon" and "Berlim" will all be searched. You can use the Tilda rule with other rules.

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Search by Dates

23 April 1920

October 1-30, 1923

May-December 1923


You write dates in a natural way. GEODI searches regardless of how you type it and how it is written in content.

GEODI automatically recognizes all dates and date ranges in content. If you install the language pack, it also does this for Russian, Arabic, Georgian, Hebrew and other languages.

With the date it extracts from the content, you can access it in bulk with the calendar view. The calendar view will also provide insight into the temporal distribution of a query. When some news is intensified, it will make it easier to perceive temporal events such as the portalak flower festival.

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Relative Time Rules



last week

last month

next year

You can use similar expressions in your time queries. The meaning of these rules will vary according to the current time. If you want to search these expressions in words, you must search them in quotes.

Applicable Rules


last week

last month

next year

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Relationships Between Rules

BERLIN and Cathedral

BERLIN or Cathedral

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Graded Content


Ankara Note

Note and note are included. ANKARA NOTE and Ankara and contains the word NOTE have been content are searched.

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(Berlin or Cathedral) ve doc:*.PDF

When you write, you will search for PDFs with the words Berlin or Cathedral . Braces here will make it easier for you to type.

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Word Proximity Rule



By adding "()" to the end of our rule, you make a change that will affect map, calendar, and words queries. There will be no change in the contents. On the map, places close to Mohair will appear. On a news site, dates or people near the word Accident will appear on the words page.

The nearby process significantly enhances the effect of the Network Graph feature that comes with GEODI Discovery. In a municipality, the illegal () with a query, such as parcels related to the leak allows the presence of news sites in the news agency project () with which dates or in which provinces you can easily query accidents.

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Search with Version/Release





GEODI documents versions, monitor changes. All versions are included in your queries. To limit this, you must use ver:. With ver: last you can search only the latest versions, ver: 0 without the version, ver: previous with the previous versions. If you have a version number you are looking for, you must enter ver: <number>.

GEODI automatically updates content without any settings. However, it does not store older versions. If you wish to do so, you must activate the "backup" process on a resource basis.

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Copy Contents Search


typing copies will find all documents that have copies. With copy, you will find those who do not have copies.

For detailed rules, see Finding Similar and Copy Documents page.

Copies and Similar documents are also shown in the GEODI search interface and in the Visualizers.

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Search Similar Content



GEODI finds similarities between text and image contents. Lists the similarities of an image that you provide, or similar ones to the text.

For detailed rules, see Finding Similar and Copy Documents page.

Copies and Similar documents are also shown in the GEODI search interface and in the Visualizers.

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Search by Image


Drag and drop the picture at hand to GEODI and see if it has similar features.

You must activate this feature in your project.

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Search from Scanned Pages


OCR feature is required for searching from scanned documents. As a result of the OCR you can follow all the rules mentioned above.

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Top Search by Content




GEODI can search by source if you want. You can search for contents of a directory, contents of a ZIP file, and e-mail attachments.

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Search by Source


You can search by giving the resources you specify in your project. Just like magazines, just search web pages. You can also access some results you want using the parent content rule.

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Search by Layers


You can use it if you want to search for content that contains the layers you use. Here we mean content with history information. Similarly, you can do questions such as those containing dictionary words, people names, parcel numbers.

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Searching for Content with Location


With the word geom you query your content in a way that you're in. Location names such as Ankara, Istanbul, Parcel Number, Area code include a known phone number and location information and appear on the GEODI map.

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Search by Content language



With which you can understand which document in which language. For this, the language recognizer must be added to your project.

For the language query, you must add the Language Recognizer to your project.

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Search by Geographical Criteria

<geographical criterion>

GEODI is also a GIS software. Unlike conventional GIS, it works directly on structural data. Geographical rules please follow the details link.

Geographical Queries for query details ‍

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Structural Data Search


It also indexes structural data such as GEODI databases and excel. You can limit your search by providing the domain name in this data.

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