Our partner ENFO has chosen GEODI on the digitization project in MESKİ, Water Authority of Mersin/Turkey. About 10 million physical documents including subscriber files that will be digitized. The population of Mersin City is about 2 Million as of 2020.

ENFO and MESKI are happy to choose GEODI because;

  • The total project duration has been cut almost by a third. Mostly because manual metadata entry is no longer an issue.
  • GEODI’s geospatial features solve the integration of digital documents and GIS, ESRI ArcGIS in this case. This step was planned to be another phase of the project but GEODI made it possible it a shorter time.

The total time is bound to the digitization speed and about 6 months for 10 Million documents. The digitization teams continuously feed GEODI and the project will end after the last document is fed.