Information Technology Association of Turkey

Information Technology Association of Turkey is a nongovernmental organization that carries out important work and contributions in spreading the ICT culture since its founding in 1971.

GEODI  helps them to access the information from a very large document archive, which is formed by the studies carried out until today and presents the corporate memory. The exchange of information with 8 branches in different cities, working groups focused on certain topics, academicians, private and legal persons working together on different topics, and much more information that needs to be accessed is also provided through the GEODI platform.

Association managers and employees can access the information they need from anywhere and any time they wish, they can take notes, assign tasks, and thus do not waste time on data access and business processes.

GEODI supports the technical team in the management of the data by informing the users about the documents that are copied and versioned over time and ensures that the users access the right content. With GEODI's e-discovery capabilities, users can easily access all the information they need with semantic abilities beyond the text search function by seeing the people’s names, dates, and places related to a subject they are looking for.