Electricity Generation Corporation of Turkey chose GEODI to improve business processes by digitizing their archive and corporate memory, to quickly access information, to maintain information sharing with stakeholder organizations, to prevent unnecessary costs, and to access information from anywhere/anytime.

All the data of “EUAS” has automatically processed and digitized without the need for manual indexing. With the GEODI OCR module, scanned documents have quickly digitized. CAD documents and scanned old copies of projects can be accessed and viewed from a single point.

Moreover, the digitization process was carried out in just 13 days for approximately 80,000 A3 and 4,000 A0 documents. GEODI eliminated the manual processes here and automatically recognized the location information (neighborhood name, map section/parcel expressions, coordinates) in the unstructured data and connect it with the map.

It is now very easy to share information internally and externally, with GEODI, both colleagues and stakeholders can quickly inform each other about the information contained in the relevant and important points of the documents.