3F Textile

3F Textile is a growing company that manufactures men's, women's and children's ready-to-wear clothes from its fabric to the known brands of Europe. There is a design office of 3F Textile in Barcelona. In addition to its Inebolu, Çorum, Erzurum factories, and approved workshops, they regularly making quality inspections in many fabrics in Bursa. BSCI-Sedex-FAMA-ICS has social compliance, GOTS-RCS-OCS-BCI has sustainable fiber compliance, STEP-Higg has Index environmental compliance. These are providing the technical suitability of many customers, such as Inditex-Mango-Next-C&A-Carrefour-LCW-Kiabi.

MOBIDI is used to monitor and report the work of field teams.

Quality tracking can be done on the basis of fabric/workshop/inspector/customer/date, it can monitor the location of the inspectors, and the data can be transferred to everyone in need.

Supplier evaluation can be made easily with the automatic reports produced by MOBIDI.

Mr. Utkan Uluçay, 3F Textile Quality and Production Manager, evaluates the project as follows:

"You made us love MOBIDI, we watched our friends start using it easily.

We recommend MOBIDI without any doubts, for companies that produce ready-to-wear clothing, need band/workshop/factory comparison and have a quality system.

It is also suitable for companies performing quality assessments on customer/inspector basis. The level of detail can be adjusted according to the need.

It will be helpful for the organizations that make controls of fabric-product comparison with many inspectors in different locations.

The MOBIDI team will help you with the practical setup of the structure you need. "