MOBIDI Office 5 Installation

The process of owning MOBIDI Office 5 starts with requesting a license from us. Afterwards, MOBIDI Office will guide you and start using it. We will continue to support you at every point you need in this process .‍

If you do not have a license yet,


At the Beginning

We have sent an e-mail on your licence. Please also check spam folder if you can not find. Please download and run the setup using the links on the mail. Before you start you may check the system requirements on

System Requirements


Let's Start MOBIDI Office

You run the setup and have started MOBIDI Office and about the enter your username which is the e-mail you have given to us. The software will ask you to create a new password and them you are ready to go!.


Your First Project

A MOBIDI Office project brings forms, reports, panels and rules together. It makes it easy to manage the system.

You can choose your first project among dozens of projects covering different needs in different sectors. You will be able to customize this choice but for now, we suggest that you choose one and continue.

Forms, panels and reports will be created automatically with your choice. These will allow you to track mobile activities and anlyze them when mobile users start collecting data.


Mobile Users

Now it is time to define mobile users. You will define users from the Mobile Users menu.

After definition, we send an SMS for new users to easily install the mobile software.


Updating Mobile Users

Now it is time to update mobile users. In other words, to transfer the information we create in the Office to mobile users.

When you make a change that requires mobile users to be updated, MOBIDI Office will indicate this in the menu.


Mobile users can now start collecting data.

There is a panel in your first project. With this panel, you can monitor data from users. Your panel will renew itself in every minute.

If you want to send a message to users, you can do so from the "Mobile Users" tab.

The DECE team is always with you to answer your questions and offer you solutions. Please call us.



Panels will be your most valuable tool for monitoring progress and evaluating general data. Panels are created with very easy interfaces.

You can determine who can access the panels. In this way, you can create separate panels for each level or for different roles in your management network.

With panels, each unit or person can see the tasks or pending jobs. So you can monitor and manage processes.



The map can tell you much more than hundreds of pages of reports.


Continue with GEODI…

Text and photos collected with MOBIDI can be transferred to GEODI in your institution for different purposes.

  • GEODI allows you to access all data of your organization, Archive, Social Media, ERP, CRM, eBYS and more from a single point. You can include your MOBIDI data as well.
  • You can process photos collected with MOBIDI with GEODI object recognition tool, ImagePro. With ImagePro, you can count products on the market shelves, find street furniture in photos or count trees.
  • You can send documents to the archive from mobile. You made a delivery, got the document signed, took a photo of the signed document and attached it. GEODI turns this document into text by OCR processing and you find it when you search.

Information and Advanced Topics for System Administrators

MOBIDI Office offers you many advanced features besides low-code features.

Here you will cover very complex business processes, connecting to a different database, creating complex reports and other issues.