Save Time in The Field With Videos

Save Time in The Field With Videos


If you are responsible for a large area such as a municipality, plant, factory, pipeline, or construction site, you know how laborious and costly it is to inspect, security check, or service.

GEODI offers an easier and cost-saving alternative compared to traditional approaches.

GEODI 360 brings the field to the office with videos. These videos enable you to do more with less personnel and less time.

Office personnel marks a fault or inspection result on the video, and GEODI turns that mark into a point and a work order if required. Or, You may supervise a subcontractor using the videos taken by them. Since GEODI shows the video paths on the map, you can easily see the coverage and ask for missing videos. The ability to compare older videos taken in the same location helps you track the progress. This increases your field efficiency, keeps GIS up-to-date, and shortens the time spent on the field.

The update period of the videos maybe a day, an hour or on-demand.

GEODI ImagePro add-on may help further to automate some inspection jobs by detecting objects on the videos. ImagePro learn your cases if you provide enough images.

Video recording will not bring extra cost. You may use vehicles already on the field and vehicle cameras are quite affordable these days.

The videos also form an important archive easily accessible with GEODI 360. Just click a location and see all recordings from the beginning. Check if a road fault existed a week ago. Or if an old fault has been fixed or not.

Inspection on the field is limited by time, experience, and caution. But, Video archive, on the other hand, enables you to go back in time and check again.

Security personnel can take videos for routine inspections with much more coverage w/o sacrificing their routine work. These recordings may show more about possible risks and strengthen workplace security.

GEODI 360 also works with data collected with other methods like MOBIDI or any other field data collector. GEODI will bring all of them together.

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