Tepe Servis Solution

Tepe Servis Solution


Tepe Servis is a large company which provides services all over the country. They have chosen DECE Software so as to facilitate the cleaning services of ATM’s.

Before Solution

An approximate cleaning schedule was being performed monthly and it was usually up to the performance of staff in the field. It was hard to monitor the number of cleaning and issues of whether the staff went or not. The constitution of detailed reports requested by banks, on the other hand, was impossible.

After Solution

It was made sure by MOBIDI Solution that tasks on the field were absolutely documented. Teams were able to take photos of cash dispensers before and after cleaning via MOBIDI installed on their own mobile phones. Addition to the planning software, we developed on top of MOBIDI has saved 200-400 km in travel and time with Team, ATM and Road Planning.

Banks gained access online to reports produced via MOBIDI Office. These reports consist of the information on which team, when and which ATM did they go, as well as how off course they went.

TEPESERVIS can monitor the field operations way more easily. With increasing quality and efficiency they have gained increased customer satisfaction and capacity.

Important Notes

  • The staff on the field cleans ATM’s that belong to more than one bank simultaneously, yet the reporting need of every single one of them is different. The solution is provided to the field and office without extra hardship.

  • MOBIDI Standard can operate offline on both Android and IOS phones. Thus, field staff can use their own phones.

  • For Route Planning, the ATM list, the locations and the number of monthly cleanings requested by the bank are sufficient. The planning software determines how many teams are needed and creates monthly task lists for the teams.

  • Route Planning is based on actual distances and times by taking traffic into account.

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