GEODI & MOBIDI for Press and PR

GEODI & MOBIDI for Press and PR


GEODI & MOBIDI for Press and PR

Whether you are responsible for press and public relations in a ministry, a holding, a municipality or a firm; the size of the digital domain you must manage increases.

"We are facilitating digital data management with GEODI and MOBIDI so that customers manage their time efficiently."

The artificial intelligence of GEODI automatically creates photo, video and audio files in a part of the documents that your library reads automatically 7/24. GEODI reads the content of these files, recognizes objects in the pictures and indexes the contents of your files.

GEODI works more than 10 different type of devices. It also follows the Social Media and websites that concerns the press and public relations. It keeps you informed of developments related to the keywords you are interested in.

Before getting started, a few common questions:

  • Where are the photographs you take on the scene stored, what are they, who can view them and then isn’t it difficult to find what you are looking for?
  • Can you mark the necessary content in TV programs? For example, are you able to find out later what time the Mayor appears on and what she/he talked about?
  • Is it easy to produce a monthly or annual activity report?
  • Who are interviewed during elections? Where did it happen and what did the conversations include?
  • How do you track posts about you on Social Media or on News websites?
  • How do you track your reputation among thousands of websites?

If you have such questions, then it is time to use GEODI and MOBIDI.


Take Alp Atalı as an example. All the photos, videos, audio files, texts, social media content, news, web pages, pdf, word etc. of him are listed at once when we search for Alp Atalı's name in GEODI.

All results are analyzed on Map, Calendar, Graph. History, Location, Relationship with Person Names, etc. and it is possible to reach the desired document at the moment by following the relations between the documents by filtering with criteria chosen. In the process of e-discovery, we will have all the information about Alp Atalı besides the information we are looking for.

  • You can see in the videos what minutes Alp Atalı was talking and what he was talking about.
  • Any content related to your search that has locational data is placed on map automatically by GEODI.
  • Photos and videos can be noted. The collaborative platform allows you to manage news, reports and design processes from a single point without using additional software and documentation.

With GEODI, all of your archives become interactively real and reachable. It removes the distinction between old and new. It follows and associates social media with all current or old media channels.

Show tweets on the map, map out the complaints.

Graphs the analysis and shows the relationship with archive information.

Map of photographs, map of activities, map of municipal services, surveys, participation of people in municipal decisions and so on.

Manage your in-house and external communications from a single point

GEODI can be connected to e-mail servers, intranets and in-house resources. In the intra-office communication, it removes all obstacles in reaching an invoice, perhaps to an e-mail or a celebration message.

It provides national or local media follow-up and media relations management; specifying the web sites, news websites, social media accounts that you want to follow. Enter the resources listed in the Content Section when creating the GEODI Project. Query as you like in news websites and social media accounts that you define.

Follow the concepts you want with GEODI, which provides social media follow-up and management of complaints and analysis of results on the map. Manage your reputation by following all the news, comments and developments about you.

You can follow and manage all your relationships with GEODI on your mobile device with the application.

For instance, a citizen paying you a visit, an employee or a shopper shopping from you and you will be able to receive all the communication-data in the past with a single research on GEODI.  

We also provide photos you take with your iPhone or Android phone that you use every day, video, sound and maybe some notes you have collected with MOBIDI, so you can always compile and take notes on them.


We provide with compiling and taking notes on the photos you take with your iPhone or Android devices; video, audio and maybe some notes you have collected with MOBIDI.

There is a program on TV and our Mayor/General Manager is giving a statement. You can mark the time when the Mayor speaks, take notes, and then you can get back to the minute exactly on your call. Minor notations like "President is talking about the new roundabout, Channel 01”, "President is opening the new hospital, August 10, 2016, X TV" etc. will be helpful

Reporting has always been one of the most difficult and perhaps boring jobs. Especially the information on press and public relations should be even more difficult since they are formed in very different forms and circles with fast-changing agenda. However, reporting for GEODI is just a query. Interrogate with criteria such as "January-July 2015, opening" or "interview" or "park" and create your report.


What are written about your municipality, your ministry or the holding in such sources as social media and news websites? The solution with GEODI is quite simple. You give the address of the sources, you wait a little and the result comes. It may be about the name of the president, a park, a street or a neighborhood. As you know, GEODI associates all the information within the map. So, you can see everything, including complaints or praise, related names. After introducing the resources once, GEODI solves the continuity work.

We do not create additional data entry work other than the job itself. On the contrary, we make it easy. 

Ankara Sincan Municipality, Aksaray Municipality’s ‘Municipality at Home’, ‘Günebakan’, ‘What is my municipality doing?’ projects are perfect examples.



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