GEODI and MOBIDI for Construction Companies

GEODI and MOBIDI for Construction Companies


Catch Up the Digital Transformation

In the digitalized world, the future will be led by those who can manage the information. Control the information with GEODI and MOBIDI.

Everybody Should Use

GEODI and MOBIDI provides a solution that can be used by all departments and shareholders such as Senior Management, Project Office, Construction Site Team, Purchase, Contract Administration, Law, Accounting, HR and Subcontractors.

Single-point Access

GEODI initially provides a single-point access to all data. The easier access to
data becomes for the Administration and gradually all departments, the faster
processes get and the operations decrease. Faster access to data increases the
accuracy of decisions.

Software Must Be Smart

In addition to searching with some simple words, GEODI maps your documents via its analytical skills. The map is automatically produced in a construction site basis or location basis, the choice is yours.

Any inquiry you make, e.g. documents include the word “Electric” as well as the maps of these documents and dates included, allow you to obtain this information.

GEODI can use progress payment documents, project drawings, photos, invoices, correspondences, e-mails, architectural projects and all digital contents you make use of.

Automatic Schedule?

One of the other important analytical skills is forming a schedule using dates in the contents. When you choose a construction site or make a search, GEODI has the feature of showing the result as a schedule too.

The difficult part is due to the fact that dates are written in different form and they are obtained from different sources. “15 February 2017” in an e-mail and dates in a project plan are sorted in whichever format they are written.

Do not become lost between Duplicate and Similar files

We are all aware of the fact that documents are prone to reproduce. While trying to save the same file in a different filename, as well as file versions that are conveyed via e-mail and return with slight changes, we may encounter many duplicate or similar files. GEODI detects them!

Access to hundreds of files with One Software

The business life necessitates using files in a range of formats. GEODI provides searching and displaying support for more than 200 file formats. Word, Excel, PDF, DWG, DGN, NCZ and Microsoft Project Manager files are some examples. You can display these files on mobile devices or browsers and take notes on them.

You are free to take a note in a paragraph in the PDF file or anywhere in a drawing in the DWG file. You can ensure these notes are sent to a colleague automatically. Many things done before with e-mail are now easier with GEODI.

What’s happening in the field?

You can easily document these tasks with MOBIDI: daily construction site supervisions, manufactured goods produced by your subcontractors, tracking caterpillars, trucks getting in/out from construction site, maintenance activities, changed parts and construction site security.

You can garner photos, sounds or videos, take notes of your choice and mark the photos. All these data are saved in GEODI. “Yesterday” is a date query, which tells you what happened yesterday.

GEODI and MOBIDI will completely change your viewpoint on digital data with its very different operating styles that are not like classical software.

We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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